3GTV by Alex Taylor

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.28.46 PM.png

Check out Alex Taylor’s inspiring new piece over on Rhizome.com before it’s taken down on February 8th. 3GTV presents an interesting argument about the ephemerality of the seemingly perpetual life of digital media. The piece samples 3GP file videos (common on old cell phones) that were posted to youtube. This video filetype has of late become obsolete due in part to the Apple iPhone no longer supporting the format. The CGI cellphone incessantly generates random (you can modify the type of videos produced) 3GP videos from youtube. In this way 3GTV presents a pretense in which these videos can continue to exist. Read more about 3GTV here and here’s a link to Alex Taylors website.

Permanent link to the work.


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